Dont scare away Santa with your curtains! Come to Pressto during December and gain a 20% discount for cleaning curtains.
1. - Laundry and ironing: We will clean your clothes by your demands - either chemically or with water - and then iron them, so you ideally enjoy your free time. You will receive your clothes either on a clothes hanger or folded - the choice is yours!

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2. - Laundry and drying: Bring us your clothes and we will wash and dry them in our professional washing machines and drying machines. Leave it up to us!

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3. - Ironing: Give us your clean clothes and we will return them perfectly ironed. Ironing is one of the least favored chores, therefore leave the trouble for us.

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About us

We are well aware that time is limited and it is necessary to enjoy it to the fullest. However, we also know that you prefer your favorite clothes to be always well cleaned and ironed. That is exactly why our PRESSTO dry cleaning services are always for you!


Nad Úžlabinou 708/7
108 00, Praha - Malešice
773 673 534

Po-Pá 9:00-19:00


Barvitiova 934/2
158 00, Praha - Jinonice
734 245 102

Po-Pá 8:00-18:00

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