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Orders over 1000CZK have free transportation within Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 4, Prague 5 and Prague 10.
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Žaket, smoking289
Women’s dress long259
Women’s dress short169
Leather dresses long750
Leather dress short650
Wedding dresses659
Evening dress279
CLOTHING – Zipper replacement350
GARMENTS – Shortening / Extension380
Car cover 1 seat350
Thick car cover289
Thin car cover219
Car seat399
Backpack leather349
Backpack fabric small249
Backpack fabric medium349
Backpack fabric large449
Leather shoes – high shoes499
Leather shoes399
Sports shoes249
Jacket – Children jacket – Zipper replacement350
Children’s coat159
Coat with hollow fiber249
Coat combined with textiles400
Light coat169
Ski jacket299
Feather Coat289
Jacket – Zipper replacement380
Fabric travel bag small249
Fabric travel bag medium299
Fabric travel bag large399
Carpet cleaning – price for 1m2219
Double feather duvet749
Double duvet hollow fiber369
Duvet hollow fiber, goat hide239
Feather duvet449
Wool duvet159
Small curtain accessory39
Big curtain accessory79
Accessories up to 30 cm300
Cap, hood, collar350
Hollow fiber winter baby cover249
Feather winter baby cover289
Fur coat289
Golf bags599
Female blouse129
Cleaning the inside of the handbag199
Children’s overcoat159
Short flaus, woolen269
Cashmere overcoat219
Light overcoat219
Feather overcoat339
Suede coat850
Coat – Zip replacement420
Coat – Shortening, lengthening length540
Children’s pants99
Pants, jeans149
Leather trousers650
Ski pants239
Children’s ski pants129
PULLEYS, SHORTCUTS, THREADS – Repair of holes, cracks230
PULLEY, SHORTCUTS, TEPLÁKY – Repair of one pocket180
PULLEYS, SHORTS, TEPLACES – Crochet staples180
PULLEYS, SHORTCUTS, TEPLACHES – Replacement of rubber in the trap, at the legs340
PULLEYS, SHORTS, TEPLACES – Zip replacement230
PULLEYS, SHORTCUTS, TEILERS – Shortening, extension300
Koberec kožešinový (za m2)350
Carpet for bathroom119
Leather jacket650
Leather handbag small349
Leather handbag medium399
Leather handbag large449
Leather handbag waxing150
Leather shirt550
Leather vest combined with textiles400
Leather vest, shorts, seat, gloves, tie350
One piece ski suit399
Children’s one piece ski suit239
Big stroller849
Sport stroller599
Wedding corset199
Night gown79
Shirts – washing, cleaning89
Shirt service – with a prepaid card for 900 CZK, we will shine and shine 20 shirts – 1 piece / 45 CZK900
Fake fur259
Small suitcase299
Medium suitcase399
Big suitcase499
Light scarf129
Fabric handbag small199
Fabric handbag medium249
Fabric handbag large299
Clothes pressing 1 kg69
Children’s suit169
XXL Towel89
Přehoz přes postel dvoulůžko299
Přehoz přes postel jednolůžko159
Sewing a buttonhole, a button50
Graduation gown199
Small plaid119
Big plaid149
Car seat199
Small pillow with hollow fiber119
Small feather pillow119
Small pillow109
Big pillow with hollow fiber239
Big feather pillow259
Stroller cover179
Cover on mattress double bed419
Cover for mattress single bed269
Sofa cover 2-3 seats439
Armchair cover239
Thick cover for mattress419
Thin cover for mattress269
Washing and clothes pressing 1 kg99
Washing, drying, loading of clothes 1kg99
Doctors outfit129
Small towel39
Big towel49
Children’s suit129
Jacket – Extension of sleeves with buttons420
Jacket – Shortening length390
Jacket – Longer Sleeve Length with Lining540
Jacket – Shortening, elongation of the sleeves320
Jacket – Shortening, elongation of sleeves with scarf540
Suede handbag small299
Suede handbag medium349
Suede handbag large399
Composition of the shirt19
Hollow fiber sleeping bag269
Feather sleeping bag359
Skirts leather long650
Skirts leather short450
Skirts – Zipper replacement250
Skirts – Shortening, extension250
Pleated skirt179
Wedding skirt459
Evening skirt269
Hoodie, sweater, pullover89
Undersown sweater139
Cloth bags49
Winter scarf149
Polo shirt129
Long tunic169
Small handkerchief39
Big handkerchief49
Small table cloth129
Big table cloth209
Dress vest79
Feather vest269
Warm vest with hollow fiber169
Casing insert350
Small drapes 1-3m219
Big drapes 3-9m349
Ironing shirt79
Ironing a small piece (baby clothes, t-shirt, shorts, skirts)49
Ironing a wedding skirt239
Ironing of wedding dresses259
Ironing a large piece (jacket, dress, coat, trousers, blouse)99
Small animal bed449
Big animal bed649
Wedding veil179
Small curtain 1-3m269
Big curtain 3-9m499