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Orders over 1000CZK have free transportation within Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 4, Prague 5 and Prague 10.
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CLOTHING – Zipper replacement350
GARMENTS – Shortening / Extension380
Jacket – Children jacket – Zipper replacement350
Jacket – Zipper replacement380
Coat – Zip replacement420
Coat – Shortening, lengthening length540
PULLEYS, SHORTCUTS, THREADS – Repair of holes, cracks230
PULLEY, SHORTCUTS, TEPLÁKY – Repair of one pocket180
PULLEYS, SHORTS, TEPLACES – Crochet staples180
PULLEYS, SHORTCUTS, TEPLACHES – Replacement of rubber in the trap, at the legs340
PULLEYS, SHORTS, TEPLACES – Zip replacement230
PULLEYS, SHORTCUTS, TEILERS – Shortening, extension300
Sewing a buttonhole, a button50
Jacket – Extension of sleeves with buttons420
Jacket – Shortening length390
Jacket – Longer Sleeve Length with Lining540
Jacket – Shortening, elongation of the sleeves320
Jacket – Shortening, elongation of sleeves with scarf540
Skirts – Zipper replacement250
Skirts – Shortening, extension250