Upgrades for you

Due to a large demand for services, PRESSTO has prepared many special services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. As of now, you can also clean your leather bags, wallets, belts, handbags, hats, or even a helmet.

Dry cleaning PRESSTO

  1. Laundry and ironing: We will clean your clothes by your demands – either chemically or with water – and then iron them, so you ideally enjoy your free time. You will receive your clothes either on a clothes hanger or folded – the choice is yours!
  2. Laundry and drying: Bring us your clothes and we will wash and dry them in our professional washing machines and drying machines. Leave it up to us!
  3. Ironing: Give us your clean clothes and we will return them perfectly ironed. Ironing is one of the least favored chores, therefore leave the trouble for us.

We also clean bags and shoes!

In PRESSTO dry cleaning, we also clean handbags and shoes! PRESSTO will perfectly clean your leather shoes and handbags. Shoes from sneakers to high boots for ladies, which are trendy and aren’t afraid to show their dominance.

We launched a new service of cleaning and caring of leather bags and other items, such as wallets, belts, which gave way to PRESSTO bags and shoes service. Thanks to our know-how, which is unique to PRESSTO in this branch of services and only offered by certified cleaning services of PRESSTO, we can ensure you of an ideal result.

The addition of this new sales line is a novelty in the area and professionalization of this cleaning. Services offered by PRESSTO bags and shoes are diverse: cleaning, upkeep, polishing, protection, dying, waxing, repairs, and more. All of these services are applicable for all types of shoes, hand bags, leather accessories, travel bags, sneakers, and more.

Another service that Pressto offers is the cleaning of helmets. We have studied the technology and finesse of and generated a process that ensures a complete clean, disinfection, and nice smell. Thanks to our technologies you will be shining on the streets once again.

PRESSTO cleaning

In Pressto dry cleaning we do not only clean, iron, and launder. Pressto tries to constantly stay innovative in our services and products. We are not simply a dry cleaner. Our concept is simple – To make your life as simple as possible and save as much of your time with our services, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest with friends and family. Thanks to us you will have so much free time you will fall in love with us. And that is why we are here. We offer the following services:


The best care and cleaning for skin. Our know-how will ensure a long-lasting, high quality treatment of your skin garments in such a way that they will look brand new for a long time!


If you will ever need any advice or repairs concerning your clothes, all you have to do is come to us. Anything you can think of… PRESSTO is here to help you, answer your questions, and fix your clothes. Do you want to know how to keep the high quality of your clothing for a long time? How to properly iron and store clothes? Come to us, we will gladly show you how.

PRESSTO Carpet and sofa covers cleaning

Do you need the cover of your sofa or even a carpet? We even provide that service. We will thoroughly get rid of all types of grime and smells, and thanks to this your sofa will look and smell just like it did on it’s day of purchase. Bring them to us, we will gladly help. The only condition is that you bring the carpet or sofa cover to us.


Ironing, as well as doing the laundry, are one of those things that humans hate the most whether it be because it is not easy to do these tasks perfectly, or because it is boring, or because it just takes so long.

In PRESSTO, your clothing is not our only concern, we also want to help you find time for yourself. Therefore, we offer you a service that will make your life easier – regular ironing of not only your dress shirts.

All that you have to do is bring your clothes to us, check the quantity and price, and in a few days you will have your clothes perfectly ironed.

We offer three variants of our services –

  • Small piece (skirt, shorts, t-shirt, tie, children’s clothes) for 49 Kč
  • Big piece (Trousers, blouse, jacket, coat, dress) for 99 Kč
  • Textile Pressing for 69 Kč for kilogramme.

The exclusive ironing system of PRESSTO is able to eliminate any folds and unevenness, as well as return the perfect shape of your clothes in such a way that you could wear them straight away.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning requires the most modern machinery as well as a professional process. In the PRESSTO laundromats we guarantee the best available treatment. And the best possible outcomes.

Aqua cleaning

We use the best ecological hypoallergenic soaps. This way, we guarantee the best cleaning and reduce the risk of allergies, all with a perfect result.

Chemise cleaning

High quality and good does not have to be expensive. Your chemises will leave our PRESSTO dry cleaning services like new… and for the best price!

Skins cleaning

The cleaning of high quality skin material is a very delicate process. Dry cleaning PRESSTO always uses only the best of products and procedures, which ensure excellent results. Dry cleaning PRESSTO can please, try it yourselves.

Handbag cleaning

Your accessories, such as your handbag, oftentimes show off how much of a lady you are and how excellent your style is. From our dry cleaning, they will always return just like new.


Modern, ecological dry cleaners, which function in 27 countries around the world, are looking for partners in the Czech Republic. We support modern equipment, training, and the most modern technologies and support. PRESSTO as a company has received many awards for best international franchising concept, the last of which was won in 2016.
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Loyalty Programme

With our loyalty programme, you will gain many benefits, choose from the following options:


When you clean 10 garments, one of the garments is free of charge. With this card you will have a 10% discount on cleaning of skins.

PRESSTO Premium Silver

Pre-paid card for 6 garments for 750 Kč (does not apply to leather)

PRESSTO Premium Gold

Pre-paid card for 12 garments for 1450 Kč (does not apply to leather)