Ironing, as well as doing the laundry, are one of those things that humans hate the most whether it be because it is not easy to do these tasks perfectly, or because it is boring, or because it just takes so long.

In PRESSTO, your clothing is not our only concern, we also want to help you find time for yourself. Therefore, we offer you a service that will make your life easier – regular ironing of not only your dress shirts.

All that you have to do is bring your clothes to us, check the quantity and price, and in a few days you will have your clothes perfectly ironed.



We offer three variations of our services –

  • Small piece (skirt, shorts, t-shirt, tie, children’s clothes) for 49 Kč
  • Big piece (Trousers, blouse, jacket, coat, dress) for 99 Kč
  • Textile Pressing for 69 Kč for kilogramme.
The exclusive ironing system of PRESSTO is able to eliminate any folds and unevenness, as well as return the perfect shape of your clothes in such a way that you could wear them straight away.